Connect to the world and reach your potential.


Connect to the world and reach your potential.

Aqua is an international trading company aiming to provide high quality, reliable and effective natural products to global markets. 

We specialize in unique natural Mediterranean, Anatolian, French Polynesian & North American produces, organic cosmetics and oils. Aqua International Trade (AIT) also listens to businesses with their needs and provides solutions through global sourcing of products and markets. 

Aqua is OQON and SARU Organic Cosmetics' international sales office. As well as our unique organic hair, skin and spa products, we provide custom product manufacturing and spa menu design services for our clients. 

Aqua International trade is a member of Canadian Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association (CCTFA).

Good Citizen of the World


Good Citizen of the World

We provide value to our stakeholders through

sensible, trustworthy and reliable purchasing

and build trusting lasting partnerships and

business relationships.



Aqua International and its partners conduct

sensible and respectful business that reflects

their values and how they treat life, nature,

humans and animals.

We do not see any challenge, we see